About Us

Technical Rescue Direct is a leading supplier of high quality rescue equipment.

When it comes to saving lives, life lies in courage. We believe in it and this is our vision. In case of a hard rescue operatioin, the rescuer's life literally depends on their equipment. It needs to be not only secure and safe but also very efficient. Our mission is to provide the best life-saving equipment. In our online shop www.TRD-rescue.com you will find the most advanced first aid products, ropes , harnesses, climbing gear, stretchers and evacuation devices, navigation and communication devices, lighting, books, trainers and courses presented in categories for rope rescue and access, confined space, first aid, mountain rescue, water rescue, firefighting and survival. We offer the best delivery service as the exclusive dealer for Cardiac Science, Prestan, Lanex and Tendon and as partners of Petzl, Beal, Singing Rock, Climbing Technology, High Lift, Med Tree, Relience Medical and etc.

Technical Rescue Direct and the online shop  www.TRD-rescue.com are owned by Belay Anker LTD – Sofia “Midjur” str. 15